Population Of Varanasi 2020

Varanasi also referred to as Banaras is a city in Uttar Pradesh and it is one of the holiest cities in India. It is one of the cities in India which has a large number of foreign tourists coming over here.  The city’s religious significance kept on developing in the eighth century when Adi Shankara set up the worship of Shiva as an official order of the city. In the sixteenth century, the city of Varanasi encountered a social restoration under the Mughal emperor Akbar who belittled the city and made two huge temples committed to Shiva and Vishnu.

population of Varanasi 2020

Varanasi has been a social focal point of northern India for a few thousand years and is intently connected with the Ganges. This holy city looks dazzling at night when Varanasi is lit up with lights around the river area. It is one such destination that not only travellers but also those interested in photography and cinematography will be delighted to visit here. The temperatures during April and May can get severe with 40 degree Celsius or more.


To find out the population of Varanasi in 2020, the population figures of the past 5 years have to be taken into consideration. They are as per the following:

  1. 2015 – 3.98 Million
  2. 2016 – 4.06 Million
  3. 2017 – 4.106 Million
  4. 2018 – 4.1552 Million
  5. 5.2019 – 4.20224 Million

After checking the population from 2015-19; it is seen that the population of Varanasi grew by 0.22224 Million in the past 5 years. In terms of average, every year the population of the city of Varanasi grows by 0.044448 Million. Hence, the population in 2020 as per estimates is 4.20224 Million + 0.044448 Million = 4.246688 Million. To conclude it, the population of Varanasi in 2020 according to estimates = 4.246688 Million.

Varanasi Population 2020 – 4.246688 Million. (estimated).


The sex ratio of Varanasi is 887 females for 1000 males. Literacy rate of Varanasi city is 79.7 percent, male literacy being 83.4% and females as 74.5%. Hinduism is the main religion in Varanasi city with 70% devotees. Islam is the second most followed religion over here with roughly 28% following. Other different religions make up the remainder.


Population density of Varanasi is approximately 11,000 persons per square kilometre. Population growth of the city over the years has been stable with healthy growth. Additionally, a large number of people from the state of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh come over here for various reasons and settle down. This has led to rapid population growth for the city of Varanasi.


  1. Varanasi city is the oldest city on the planet, being a central focal point of human advancement for over 3000 years.

  2. Visiting Varanasi is itself a stunning experience. Varanasi is known for its rich history and also for the making of Diwali crackers. According to Hindu mythology, the area exists since the time of Lord Shiva. Being probably one of the holiest cities of the nation, devotees from all parts of the world come over here every year.

  3. The city is well known for its old recuperating systems of Ayurveda and Yoga, which is accepted to have been started in this heavenly land.

  4. Varanasi has been home to a few prestigious artists and poets that incorporate Prem Chand and Tulsi Das.

  5. Varanasi, affectionately known as the ‘City of Light’ for its learning, is likewise where the Banaras Hindu University is located. Visit this devout land, and experience the heavenly nature that the land exudes. It is a must-visit for people from all walks of life.