Population Of Pondicherry 2020

Pondicherry is the capital city of the scenic Union Territory of India, Puducherry. The history of the city is recorded simply after the entry of Dutch, British, Portuguese, and French colonialists. The geology of Pondicherry is equivalent to that of waterfront Tamil Nadu. The normal elevation is at sea level, and various sea deltas, referred to as backwaters can be found.

population of Pondicherry 2020

Pondicherry is a popular tourist spot located in Southern India. It comprises of numerous historical structures, holy places, and statues which, joined with the town planning and  French style roads in the old side of the town, still consists a great part of the provincial era memories. Every year there are a large number of people that visit the city of Pondicherry.


To know the expected population of Pondicherry in 2020, the population of the previous 5 years has to be taken into account. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 –721,000
  2. 2016 – 736,000
  3. 2017 – 745,600
  4. 2018 – 754,520
  5. 2019 – 763,424

As per the figures of 2015-19, the population has gone up by 42,424 in the past 5 years. Therefore, on average, the population every year increases by 8484.8. The population of Pondicherry in 2020 as per estimated figures is 763,424 + 8484.8 = 771,908.8. As per conclusion, the population of Pondicherry in 2020 as per estimates = 771,908.8.

Pondicherry Population 2020 – 771,9808 (estimated).


Most of the people communicate in Tamil in Pondicherry, while there is a big network of French individuals in the city and various French establishments, for example, the consulate of France located over here. According to the information figures of 2011, the literacy rate in Pondicherry is 80.6% with male literacy at 84% and literacy of females at 76%. 10% of the population in Pondicherry was under six years old in 2011. Moreover, individuals from various pieces of the world live here, particularly from Europe.


The population density of Pondicherry is 13,000 persons per square kilometre. Growth in terms of population has been stable over the years with good enough growth, though lesser in comparison to bigger urban cities. One of the major contributors to the growth is the people migrating to this part of the country from different parts of India and abroad.


  1. French culture can be clearly seen with a number of restaurants providing French food. Also, most of the road signs are also written in French.

  2. Pondicherry was officially converged with India in the year 1962, before that it was under the French. On first November in the year 1954, the French government held a referendum in the Khizoor town to stamp a conclusion to the French rule here. Nonetheless, it took 9 years for the formal merger of Pondicherry with the Indian Union. This is why Pondicherry celebrates its Independence Day on sixteenth August as this was the date on which they got freedom from French.

  3. The Promenade shoreline or Mahatma Gandhi beach has dependably been a standout among the most visited places in Pondicherry. It has delightful statues, harb0ors, rocks and bistros that add to its excellence. A statue of the Father of the Nation encompassed by eight rocks of stone can likewise be seen on the shoreline. The general population of Pondicherry considers this to be as an indication of uprightness.

  4. There are some astonishing spots of attractions to checkout within Pondicherry.

  5. In the year 1954 in a general election comprising of about 178 individuals in Pondicherry Panchayat, 170 individuals were supportive of freedom and eight individuals cast a vote against it.