Population Of Itanagar 2020

Itanagar is a city and furthermore the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Ita Fort is a standout among the most significant sites of Arunachal Pradesh. The name actually implies as the Fort of blocks. The Ita Fort was made during the fourteenth or the fifteenth century and it is surely one of the prominent attractions over here.

population of Itanagar 2020

The city is well connected with different parts of India through National Highway 415, which interfaces the city to Assam and the rest of the world. Another acclaimed spot of the city is the Gompa mandir. It was constructed by the Dalai Lama and it is a Buddhist temple with delightful yellow roofed shrine mirrors the broad Tibetan impact and offers good views of Itanagar and the encompassing countryside.


To know the population figure in terms of the population of Itanagar in 2020, we have to get the population data of the last 5 years. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 – 53,294
  2. 2016 – 61,093
  3. 2017 – 66,185
  4. 2018 – 71,565
  5. 2019 – 76,451

After checking the population of Itanagar from 2015-19; you can see an increase of 23,157 in the past 5 years. Therefore, each year it has been seen that the population increases by 4631.4. Hence, the population of Itanagar in 2020 is expected to be 76,451 + 4631.4 = 81,082.4. Hence, the population in the city of Itanagar in 2020 as per estimated data = 81,082.4.

Itanagar Population 2020 – 81,082.4 Million. (estimated).


Itanagar city has a literacy rate of 67%, which is lower as compared to the national average of 74.4%. Literacy of males over here is 74% and for females, it is 60%. In Itanagar city, 15% of the population is under 6 years old. Likewise, there is countless living here from various pieces of India.


The population density currently stands at 13 persons per square kilometer. Throughout the past years, the population growth of the city of Itanagar has been moderate and one of the reasons behind that is the less number of people settling here from different parts of the country. It is mostly flooded by locals and this is one of the reasons why the population growth of Itanagar hasn’t gone up in recent years.


  1. Nabam Runghi is main the man behind making Itanagar is the capital of the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

  2. The Ita Fort out here is an imperative place and it was basically made between the fourteenth or the fifteenth century. It is said that the city got its name from the fort itself. The fortress is made in an irregular shape by King Ramachandra. It is known that 80 lakhs of blocks were utilized for building the structure of the fortification.

  3. The Jawaharlal Nehru Museum in the city has a wide gathering of instruments, tribal art, and religious items that delineate the socio-social legacy and way of life of the general population of Arunachal Pradesh. There is additionally a rich section on prehistoric studies.

  4. Itanagar is an exceptional hill station. As one reaches here, one is awed by the magnificence of tropical evergreen downpour woods meeting the calm Himalayan wildernesses. On one pinnacle is the living residence of the Governor while on the other there is another Buddhist temple.

  5. The weather out here is pleasant throughout the year. In spite of the fact that there is a ton of mugginess during summer, a mellow breeze blows amid the day that keeps the whole zone cool. Amid winter, there is snowfall between the month of December and January.