Population Of Imphal 2020

Imphal is the capital city of Manipur. Ruins of the Palace of Kangla are in the city area. The Red Hill is a popular hillock found 17 km from Imphal. The spot was the scene of the battle that occurred between Allied Forces and Japanese Forces battling close by the Indian National Army in World War II. Red Hill has now turned into a tourist destination since the Japanese war veterans built a landmark at the foot of this slope.

population of Imphal 2020

Imphal as a city is a beautiful spot to visit with a laid back lifestyle. Also, Imphal is known for its sporting culture for a number of years and it has produced some of the finest talents that have gone on to represent India on the international stage.


To know the exact figure in terms of the population of Imphal in 2020, we have to get the population data of the last 5 years. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 – 321,089
  2. 2016 – 340,169
  3. 2017 – 353,386
  4. 2018 – 365,794
  5. 2019 – 377,251.6

By looking at the population of Imphal from 2015-19; you can see an increase of 56,162.6 in the past 5 years. Therefore, each year it has been noticed that the population increases by around 11,232.52. Hence, the population of Imphal in 2020 is expected to be 377,251.6 + 11,232.52 = 388,484.12. Hence, the population in 2020 as per estimated data = 388,484.12.

Imphal Population 2020 – 388,484.12 (estimated).


As per 2011, the literacy rate was above 90%, male literacy at 95% surpasses the literacy rate of females of 87%. About 70% of the occupants were Hindu, 10% were Christian, 3% Muslim, 1% rest were from other distinctive religions.


The population density of the city is about 643 persons per square kilometer. Population growth hasn’t been substantial as compared to other cities in India as few numbers of people move in here from different parts of India. They are mostly from the teaching profession or Army men coming here for their respective postings. It is expected that in the coming years the population growth rate may go up slightly.


  1. You can without much stretch hire private taxicabs, or in the event that you are feeling somewhat adventurous, try the city buses. These methods of transport are in regular services, so moving inside the city won’t be excessively troublesome.

  2. As there are no taxi services like Ola or Uber, auto rickshaws are a standout among the best alternatives accessible for going around the city apart from local cabs. These are marginally costly contrasted with different urban areas in India, yet this is the where you have to bring out your skills to agree on a particular cost before boarding the auto rickshaw. It can be worth it.

  3. The Manipur State Museum, which is the portrayal of the substantial data of history, demonstrates a showcase of the ancestral legacy and the gathering of the ancient rarities of Manipur. Ensembles of the local citizens and warriors and weapons of the various communities and historical documents can be found here.

  4. There are many budget eateries in Imphal, a large portion of them are situated close to the bus stop. In the center part of Imphal, there are various restaurants serving customary Manipuri dishes.

  5. The biggest freshwater lake in the nation, Loktak Lake and the Sendra Island on it, are a standout among the most delightful attractions of the city of Imphal. Loktak Lake is located in the valley of the city of Imphal and is home to every one of the streams and rivulets that keep running in Manipur.