Population Of Himachal Pradesh 2020

Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful states situated in the Northern part of India. The name was authored by Acharya Diwakar Datt Sharma, one of the state’s famous Sanskrit researchers. The rugged locale containing the present day Himachal Pradesh has been occupied since pre-historic era having seen various waves of migration from different regions. Through its history, it was for the most part controlled by local kingdoms, some of which acknowledged suzerainty of bigger empires.

population of Himachal Pradesh 2020

Preceding India’s autonomy from the British, Himachal contained the sloping areas of Punjab Province of British India. Likewise, Himachal Pradesh actually signifies Abode of Snow. Himachal Pradesh has been a popular place for Bollywood movies from a long time and there have been numerous movies that have been shot here.


To know the population of Himachal Pradesh in 2020, the population of the previous 5 years has to be checked. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 – 7.34 Million
  2. 2016 – 7.5 Million
  3. 2017 – 7.6288 Million
  4. 2018 – 7.77056 Million
  5. 2019 – 7.904672 Million

By checking the population from 2015-19; it is seen that the population has jumped by 0.564672 Million in the previous 5 years. As per average, it is noticed that every year the population increases by about 0.1129344 Million. Therefore, the population of Himachal Pradesh in 2020 is expected to be 7.904672 Million + 0.1129344 Million = 8.0176064 Million. To conclude it, the population of Himachal Pradesh in 2020 as per estimates = 8.0176064 Million.

Himachal Pradesh Population 2020 – 8.0176064 Million. (estimated).


Hindi is the official language of the state and is spoken by most of the population. English is given the status of an extra official language. The majority of the dialects verbally expressed locally belong with the gathering of the Himachali dialects. Hinduism is the significant religion out here. The state has the highest proportion of Hindus as compared to the other states of India. Different religions that structure a little rate are Islam, Sikhism, and Buddhism.


The population density of the state of Himachal Pradesh is 123 people per square kilometer. As of now, the yearly growth rate of 1.2% is recorded in Himachal Pradesh. It has enlisted 12.95% growth as far as population amidst the prior decade and the state enjoys a pretty good population growth rate. It is expected that in the coming years the pace of population growth will get quicker.


  1. The state is well known in India for producing surplus power. It is considered to have 25% national potential in the generation of power. It has been evaluated that 27,436 MW of Hydel power can be created in the state.

  2. After Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh is India’s second-biggest producer of apple. Did you know, apple cultivation was actually was started by an American person named Satyanand Stokes in a spot called Kotgarh in Himachal Pradesh? Other than apples, different fruits like peaches, kiwis, and plums are likewise produced in wealth. Indeed, even dry natural products like hazelnuts or pine nuts are grown in here.

  3. Dussehra is a standout among the most well known Hindu celebrations in India, particularly North India. At the point when Dussehra finishes up wherever else in India, Kullu Dussehra begins in the state.

  4. Himachal Pradesh is famous for its risky roads. Manali-Leh Road and Kinnaur Roads are viewed as one of the top-most dangerous ones in the country.

  5. The state is quickly turning into a prevalent destination for adventure activities and sports in India. Directly from ice skating, paragliding, skiing, trekking, and horse riding.