Population Of Chennai 2020

Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu and in the past, it was called as Madras. Chennai is the biggest business and industrial hub of Southern India as well as an education hub. The city is among the most visited urban cities by foreigners. It was positioned the 43rd most visited city on the planet in 2015.

population of Chennai 2020

As a developing metropolitan city, Chennai has issues like pollution and other strategic and financial issues. Home to the Tamil film industry, Chennai city is otherwise called a noteworthy film production hub. The city is also very fond of sports in the form of Cricket and Football.


To find out the population of Chennai city in 2020, the population of the last 5 years is required. They are as follows:

  1. 2015 – 9 Million
  2. 2016 – 9.3 Million
  3. 2017 – 9.88 Million
  4. 2018 – 10.316 Million
  5. 2019 – 10.6392 Million

The above- listed figures of Chennai from 2015-19 shows that there is an increment of 1.6392 million in the past 5 years. Therefore, every year the population increases by 0.32784 Million. Hence, the population of Chennai in the year 2020 is projected to be 10.6392 million + 0.32784 million = 10.96704 million. The population of Chennai in 2020 as per estimates = 10.96704 million.

Chennai Population 2020 –10.96704 Million (estimated).


Tamils structure most of Chennai city population. English is spoken to a great extent by white collar workers. Tamil is the principal language spoken here in the city. Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish are a portion of the languages spoken by countless expatriates living in the city. According to the religious evaluation of 2011, the population was 80% Hindu, 10% Muslim, 8% Christians and 2% belonging to alternate religions.


The population density of the city of Chennai is 17,000 people per square kilometre. Since the time of independence in 1947, the population growth went down by about 4%. This does not prevent the city from a solid population growth rate, which is anticipated to touch a big figure in terms of population by 2025. In any case, with birth rates constantly falling, the growth isn’t being on the higher side as of now.


  1. Chennai is the country’s fourth biggest city and the sixth most populated region in the nation. The city was first found an astounding 400 years back. Chennai sports the great title of being the 31st biggest city in the whole world.

  2. What is presently the current clamouring city of Chennai likewise used to be known as Fort St. George, which was basically an English settlement. Individuals known as Vijayanagars were in control of the region when the settlement was first established – a power provided to them by the Nayaks – who had power over quite a bit of India 400 years ago. One individual was selected as the man responsible for this past Chennai, his name was Damarla Venkatadri Nayaka.

  3. On account of Madras and its citizens, English currently exists in India; generally, Hindi may have been made the sole authority language in the country.

  4. The Chepauk Palace in the city, planned by Paul Benfield, is said to be the first Indo-Saracenic building in the country. From that point forward, huge numbers of the provincial time structures in the city were planned in this style, which is most obvious around Fort St. George, made in 1640.

  5. The city comprises of various museums, galleries, a large number of which are free of admission charges and are significant tourist attractions.