Population Of Agartala 2020

Agartala is the capital of Tripura and one of the biggest urban cities in the whole of North-east India. Also, it is one of the quickest growing urban areas of India. The city of Agartala is India’s third global internet gateway after Mumbai and Chennai.

population of Agartala 2020

Agartala tempts tourists with its past wonder. The Agar tree, which includes in the sake of the city, is generally referred in the narrative of the incredible ruler Raghu who tied up his Elephant’s feet to an Agar tree on the banks of Lauhitya River. The city of Agartala is controlled by the Agartala Municipal Corporation.


The finding of a future population of any place requires data figures, they can be found below. To know the population of the city of Agartala in 2020, the population of the previous 5 years needs to be calculated. They are as per the following:

  1. 2015 –522,613
  2. 2016 – 551,668
  3. 2017 – 581,960
  4. 2018 – 609,670
  5. 2019 – 637,324.

When you go through the population of Agartala from 2015-19; the population has gone up by about 114,711 in the last 5 years. On average, every year the population increases by 22,942.2. Hence, the population of Agartala in 2020 as per estimates is 637,324 + 22,942.2 = 660,266.2. So, the population in 2020 as per estimates = 660,266.2.

Agartala Population 2020 – 660,266.2. (estimated).


Bengali is the official language and the predominant language in Agartala while English is also spoken in a large way; Kokborok is spoken by the Tripuri individuals.

As per the 2011 enumeration, 94% of the population out here is Hindu, 4.5% Muslim, 1% Christian, and 0.28% Buddhist. The rest of the population incorporates Sikhs, Jains and different religions. The city comprises mostly of Bengali and Tripuri people. Bengali is broadly spoken in the city of Agartala.


The population density of the city of Agartala is 10,119 people per square kilometre. The population growth of the city is presently about 3%. The growing number of the working population has moreover been one of the reasons behind the present growth in population. There have been different people relocating to this city on account of various reasons and it has some way helped in terms of population growth.


  1. The Durga Puja season is commonly the busiest time and one would then be able to encounter the lavishness of Indian social spectacle. The entire city is covered with tents taking into account a range of themes.

  2. The city is well known for its royal residences, temples and rich history of the Manikya rulers and its association with Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Agartala is additionally noted for its bamboo handiworks, and hand-woven shawls.

  3. Krishnanagar is fundamentally one of the most densely populated zones in the city of Agartala. It comprises the notable Alpkhbaba temple. Prevalent restaurants of the city like Samba and Tandoori Hut are likewise placed here.

  4. Agartala is very much connected by road to different pieces of Tripura. National Highway 44 has been reached out toward the south, along these lines improving the road network between the city of Agartala and south Tripura. Jeeps, Trekkers and SUVs are the most prevalent public transport, and vehicles and vans are generally utilized for private hire.

  5. Agartala air terminal is the second busiest air terminal in the northeast. The air terminal is situated in Singerbhil, which is about 12.5 km from the city of Agartala. The air terminal is under development to make it the third international aeroplane terminal after Guwahati and Imphal.